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There are usually three key reasons that prompt people to look for psychological help; a crisis such as divorce, bereavement or job loss, an on-going chronic difficulty such as depression, anxiety or high stress and insomnia, or to enhance ones well- being and personal growth through increasing assertive, self- esteem or career aspirations. We can support you to address these issues. Our expert team has additional training and experience in a range of therapeutic approaches including CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), IFS (internal family systems approaches) and EMDR so that we can offer bespoke care when you need it.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression may play a part in any of the scenarios described above. Difficult circumstances can impact upon our mood and well-being and it can begin to feel hopeless. Medication can be helpful for these conditions and so it is worthwhile discussing your difficulties with your GP. Psychological therapy sometimes used in combination with medication can be very useful for alleviating symptoms.

Learning new methods for relaxation, stress management and examining your thoughts and beliefs with a psychologist can help. Sometimes looking at your history and upbringing can shed light on the rules you have developed about how you should live. These expectations can become outmoded and need re-evaluating. A therapeutic relationship is a supportive way to do this.


You may have experienced a road traffic accident, an assault or similar trauma. Symptoms such as ‘flashbacks’ (reliving of the traumatic event) can be frightening and lead individuals to avoid sights, smells or situations which act as triggers.

Psychological therapy can help individuals to better understand why ‘flashbacks’ occur and how the brain is struggling to cope and process the memory effectively.

Psychologists can help you to find strategies to manage fears and begin to make sense of the incident in a new way. Please contact us for information on medicolegal assessments for personal injury.


Abuse that has sometimes occurred years ago, perhaps in childhood, may be reawakened by a crisis or perhaps a new desire to acknowledge a difficult past. Shame and self-blame are common responses to abuse and can lead victims to avoid finding the help that they need. These issues are addressed in psychological therapy as an individual’s beliefs about the abuse are gently explored.

Strengths, resiliency and survival mechanisms are thought about and understood thus helping people to create a new story about themselves.


The break- up of a relationship, a divorce or death can be a hugely stressful time. Friendships and extended family can also be affected. One can find that the normal mechanisms of support are no longer available. Discussing the issues outside of your normal network of friends and relationships can be helpful while you find ways to adjust.


The psychological impact of infertility is seldom discussed or understood. The focus upon treatment and a positive outcome can leave little time to acknowledge your own feelings of loss. Managing the highs and lows of treatment cycles combined with pressure of finance and working lives can lead to high stress. The rigorous treatment can have a significant impact upon individual’s and couples relationships with one another.

Psychological therapy can illuminate unhelpful thinking patterns which add to the burden of treatment. It can aid in developing new strategies for coping with treatment and explore how couples can come into conflict as they seek to manage their emotions differently.

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